Headliner Renovation

Renovation-Headliners For 1973-81 Firebird Models With One-Piece Cardboard Headliners:

These renovation-headliners are a solution for the problem of drooping, loose material for the one-piece cardboard headliners found in late 1973-1981 Firebird models.
These headliners can now be refurbished by removing and resurfacing the old headliner board.
The headliner is removed, the old foam scraped off and the board sanded smooth, the new fabric is applied using contact cement, the edges are trimmed and the unit is replaced in the car.
As excess fabric is allowed for trimming the headliner is used for solid roof or T-top models and consists of headliner fabric, razor for trimming and instructions.

Renovation Headliner -perforated Vinyl- for 1973-81 Pontiac Firebird - Camel Tan
259,40 EUR
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